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Week 1 - Sacred Geometry, Cleansing, Cataloguing & More

Welcome to Week 1 where we will get to know each other & discover crystals, sacred geometry, cleansing, cataloguing, sensing & connecting with energy & my all time favourite NO RULES!

Week 2 - Must Have Crystals, Chakras, Crystal Chakra Balancing & Layouts

Welcome to Week 2, it's going to be exciting! This week we are discovering your "must" have crystals, Chakras - what they are & where they are, and layouts.

Week 3 - Gridding, Pendulums, Connecting with Crystals, Sensing Energy

Welcome to Week 3, this week is all about the magnification of crystals. We are going to discover Crystal Grids and how to design, create & activate your grid. What can you learn by using a pendulum. Connecting with your crystals.

Crystals 123 - Curious to Clarity


Crystals have the energy to help and balance you - but I know how overwhelming it can be to get started. That is why I created this program, Crystals 123, to help you understand the basics for your introduction to crystals and use crystals to thrive in your healing journey.

In this series you'll get guidance on crystals, how to work with them, cleanse them, store them, gridding with them. You'll also get access to all of the PDF's, templates and exercises. Bonus: upon completion of the series I invite you to book a live zoom with me to chat about your crystal journey💎

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